Stock Colors *

Solids and Metallics:

We offer approximetely 50 stock solid and metallic color choices from PPG, Dupont, House of Kolor, and a few more. We are in the process of painting samples, photographing, and uploading to our website now. In the meantime please contact us to inquire about stock color options. 

Kandies, Pearls, and Flake Effects:

We also offer several Kandy colors, tints, pearl, and flake effects which can be added to many of our stock and special order colors. Since Kandy, pearl, and flake effects require additional preparation, coats, and are generally a more costly material, many have an upcharge over a stock color option. 

Special Order and Custom Colors **

We offer thousands of colors which can viewed and selected through PPG's Paint It website. This website, from our main paint supplier, allows you to search for colors by color family and automotive makers original colors. If you are looking to match a particular make and model's color, you can easily search by year, make, and model to find the color you are looking for. If you are simply looking to explore your options for a given color, you may search all colors within a color family to find the right match. Please understand that there is no way to give a completely accurate rendering of color and brightness because of the difference in camera/screen settings. The images will however give you a very good idea of what the colors look like and with a color code and manufacturer's name, you can easily search for cars/bikes painted in that color, or even find a paint sample at an auto parts store, car dealership, or paint supplier. Physical painted samples are available, but require a non refundable deposit towards a finish with us. Please contact us for more information. 

Nearly any color can be closely matched with either a special formulation of paint. There are also some particular colors and paints that need to be specially sourced. We can also match Pantone colors, although a painted finish and a printed color will always have a certain level of distortion. 

Special order/mixed paints start at $75 per color, but can vary tremendously.

Gloss vs. Matte Finish 

Almost all of our stock colors can be painted with either a glossy or matte finish. Typically the cost is the same for both, unless they are mixed (Gloss frame with matte logos etc.) Mixing of matte and gloss is not always possible in every configuration because of the masking and application limitations. 

*Not all colors on the PPG Paint It website are stock colors. Please contact us with any given code to check. Some colors require multiple base coats to achieve the color displayed
**Because of the virtually limitless possible paint configurations, there is no way to 100% ensure something is stock vs special order. We will guide you through the process and price out options and uncharges if applicable