Argonaut Lugged Steel

One of our local customers brought us two of his beloved and well used steel cross frames. This bike had seen some good use and crashed and required a little bit of help from our neighbor Ti Cycles who performed a very clean repair on the frame before we got started. He wanted to use the same colors in both bikes with alternating placements. For this one we used gloss black as the main frame color, with a gloss white logo, and barely blue as the outline. We also gave the stainless headbadge and seattube caps a fresh polish. On this bike you can barely make out the difference in the outline as they are so close, but on his other bike, the Ira Ryan, we used it as the main color where it really pops out for such a subtle tint of blue. When the bikes sit side by side, they really compliment each other. Soon we'll be painting his mountain bike with the same three colors, this time the main frame color will be white.