Small Business Saturday Single Color Frame/Fork Refinish Special

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Single Color frame/fork refinish with no logos or graphics and no substitutions.

Includes removal of original paint and a very strong and durable single color refinish with the choice of Gloss Black (solid) or Midnight Moss Green Metallic. Steel, aluminum, or titanium frames only. Steel, ti, aluminum, or carbon forks.

  • Midnight Moss Green Metallic- A new color just for this special only. A very dark green that shines bright with a nice metallic speckle in sunlight but looks close to black in low light.

  • Gloss Black-Simple solid black. No pearls or metallic.

The fine Print:

  • Frame must me metal. Steel, titanium, or aluminum. No mixed material frames (E.g. no carbon fiber rear ends) or full suspension frames.

  • Fork may be metal or carbon but must be rigid (no suspension forks).

  • Polished, chrome, or stainless dropouts that require masking will be additional

  • Bikes with headbadges will be extra for removal and installation

  • No graphics or logos

  • Bikes with significant rust pitting, dents, or pin holes that require extra prep work will be additional.

  • Frame/fork must be delivered to Black Magic Paint by 1/15/19 for special pricing to be honored.

  • Shipping and insurance will be additional. Pricing is dependent on customer location and the bike’s value. Shipping will be invoiced at time of completion and invoiced separately.

  • Offer expires 11/30/18

Please contact us with any questions at (503) 376-7143 or